Due to technical difficulties, the Spadina test net that concentrated on the development of genesis blocks had low participation, which means it had trouble launching.

The Spadina testnet focuses on ETH 2.0 genesis, but the lack of user interest combined with technical difficulties and user frustration rendered the launch unsuccessful. Another trial will be run by the developers — Zinken next week. Today, the short-lived ETH testing and “dress rehearsal” for the ETH2 Genesis ran into significant problems during the launch.

As a result, according to Danny Ryan, the developer heading the testnet efforts, ETH 2.0 will require at least two more rehearsals for the upcoming proof-of-stake network. Spadina is a short-term test net for checking genesis or building the first ETH 2.0.0 block. The second-biggest blockchain network will move to proof-of-stake, and less-congested blockchain will come along with it to minimize gas.

Spadina is separate from the Medalla test network, a general sandbox intended to reflect the current version of the stake network proof. Spadina replicates the beginning of the system. It is essential to verify its development since at least 16,384 validator nodes have to run the network and deposit more than half a million ETH before the stake chain’s evidence can begin to function.

While the test networks are less commonly used than the full-fledged blockchains, non-developers lack value. Prysm Labs said

“The issue with finality was not a critical bug nor a consensus error, but rather something due to configuration parameters which can be fixed with a release.”

Everyone has to go back after that and try this again. A further dress rehearsal known as Zinken has already been arranged by Ryan and others in charge of the ETH2 testing later next week. To be successful, Ryan said that participants in the testnet must take up their game:

As this is a dress rehearsal, we ask you to take genesis seriously. Only make deposits for vals you intend to run, and if at all possible, be attentive in the 24 hours leading to genesis — upgrading your node if necessary.”


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