Bitfinex is also promising a way for buyers of three various cryptocurrencies to gain up to 6.2 per cent yearly profit.

As per the declaration of September 30, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) owners are now entitled to earn up to 6.2 per cent of annual percentage yield (APY) through a relationship with Celsius Network, while XRP holders will earn up to 4.91 per cent of APY. The financing network, which reportedly has more than $1 billion in coins from nearly 150,000 members, said that it will allow token interest to be accumulated on a regular basis, with incentives charged on a weekly basis.

 “We expect this offering to appeal to customers that have bought Bitcoin as a long-term store of value, and who also want to earn on their assets while they hold,” said Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino.

The platform gives stronger APY rates to BTC , ETH and XRP investors than the norm for fiat bank deposits, rendering Bitfinex competitive with banks in some aspects. While many conventional investors still see banks as less volatile than crypto, their interest rates barely reach 1-2 per cent. On the other side, cryptocurrency also vary significantly more in price every day than the annual interest rate at Bitfinex, because there are fluctuations and roundabouts.

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky has also mentioned that the financing and investing company’s target is to “bring 100 million new people into crypto.” At the present, consumers will receive up to 15.89 percent APY on 12 stablecoins using the program.

Coinbase also released a similar scheme for crypto traders to accumulate 2 percent APY on their Dai (DAI) shares and 0.15 percent for US$ Coin (USDC) holders. The company said the incentives on both stablecoins provide a way to actively earn money on crypto assets “with yields on savings accounts and government bonds at record lows.”


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