Police have stepped in to conduct an investigation.

KuCoin said it has identified perpetrators and has now formally engaged law enforcement in the investigation as the fallout from the attack on its website continues.

On Oct. 3, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu stated on his Twitter that the exchange now has significant evidence identifying who on Sept. 26 hacked the operation.

Lyu added that with its business partners’ help, KuCoin has managed to wrestle another $64 million in assets from suspicious addresses as of Oct. 1. This takes the overall amount to $204 million in recovered assets.

Lyu also said that the exchange is slowly returning to full functionality as well, and 31 tokens have been reopened for deposit and withdrawals. Services will proceed for BTC, ETH, and USDT.

The first big case of a decentralized exchange being used to launder funds is the KuCoin hack. It is reported that approximately $200 million in assets have been stolen, but analysts worry that more tokens may have been used.


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