Atari Giant Gaming Company officially partnered with crypto exchange as it prepares to sell its ETH-based asset, ATRI

Atari is preparing to set foot in the blockchain and crypto space, despite being renowned in the entertainment and electronic industry. The company has created its crypto asset that will concentrate mainly on the video game industry.

In a press statement, the Atari Group revealed that its ERC20 token ATRI was ready to hit the market in November. The firm went on to add that to facilitate the sale of ATRI. It had decided to go with

Initially, the plan uses the ERC20 tokens in areas where the firm is already deeply rooted. Blockchain games, video games, and casino games are some of these areas. Frédéric Chesnais, chief executive of Atari Chain, clarified that the company has huge plans for the forthcoming crypto assets focused on ETH.

He revealed that his goal is to supplement use cases in the industry and fund the emergence of an ecosystem centered around the Atari token and the Atari brand, offering various types of non-services focus on blockchain.

Not much is known at the moment about the token’s value proposition. So far, the token will be used to revitalize the video game industry. Atari has proclaimed. Based on the company announcement, with hosting the auction, the public sale will begin early next month.

Before the crypto asset launch, interested users will be required to perform a mandatory authentication phase at the public portal. The authentication procedure will take the form of verification by Know Your Customer (KYC).

Users will be allowed to buy the token during the sale using popular crypto coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The gaming company is also reportedly working out on a plan to have the token on other platforms as it targets more liquidity.


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