The attorneys of former Ethereum creator Virgil Griffith have said that he is still unaware of the exact crimes he is being charged with by the U.S. government.

The defendants argued in their latest court filing that the prosecutors were purposely unclear about their allegations. The lawyers argued in their petition, filed in the Southern District of New York, that the defense should not be required to use a decoder ring on more than 6,800 pages in order to decipher the essential details that should be present in each indictment.

The prosecutors’ indictment failed to provide the most basic information: what crimes were supposed to have been committed, by whom, and where the lawyers of Virgil argued. They ask the court to order the prosecutors to include a bill of information on the crimes claimed to have been committed by their client.

The prosecutors accused Griffith of offering the South Korean government facilities to breach the International Emergency Economic Powers Act in their charges (IEEPA). The lawyers say that the word “services” is ambiguous.

In November last year, the former Ethereum Developer was arrested for allegedly helping the North Korean regime circumvent cryptocurrency and blockchain sanctions.

In North Korea, Virgil Griffith attended a seminar where he spoke about blockchain, and he was arrested in the United States on that basis. Shortly after his capture, he was given parole, but he was identified in a 608-page indictment by the U.S. government. As previously reported, Griffith’s attorneys filed a petition for the dismissal of charges in October 2020, arguing that the indictment was fatally flawed. A month later, the prosecutors struck back, asking the court to dismiss a petition by his lawyers.


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