Mr. Beast joins nearly 1 million other confirmed Brave publishers, potentially revealing the Brave browser and its native BAT token to some of its subscribers.

A famous YouTuber with 50,2 million subscribers and 8,5 billion cumulative views, Jimmy Donaldson, aka “Mr. Beast,” now owns a checked Brave browser account, potentially exposing some of his massive audience to virtual currency.

Donaldson is not new to cryptography and has made a large amount of money from investments in cryptocurrencies. Before his channel exploded in popularity, the star previously hosted videos debating crypto, and he allegedly purchased a $100,000 car using his crypto income. His account, however, was later purged of all virtual currency-related content.

On KEEMSTAR’s podcast, Mr. Beast also talked about how he almost lost his BTC because of a house split but managed to transfer the funds to a new wallet.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rising in price, by becoming a confirmed Brave browser publisher, the popular YouTuber appears to be making a return to crypto. This will encourage viewers to tip his channel with BAT tokens — the native Brave browser crypto.

Over the last two years, Brave, created by JavaScript developer Brendan Eich, has risen in popularity, attracting nearly 1 million publishers and more than 24 million active monthly users. Currently, the browser has 528,756 YouTube, 126,740 Twitter, and 69,000 Twitch and website publishers.

Mr. Beast’s addition to the growing list of Brave publishers has some in the group expecting significant price rises for the BAT token. BAT tokens are currently selling for $ 0,254 each, up 9.5 percent over the past 24 hours, according to Coingecko.

From the first famous YouTuber to support crypto, Mr. Beast is far away. PewDiePie, which once had the most subscribed channel with over 100 million viewers, started hosting its streams on Drive, the blockchain video site, in 2019. However, YouTube signed an exclusive contract with him on May 4, 2020, stopping him from using Drive.


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