Tezos (XTZ), with many dApps due to be launched, just had the highest number of calls in January. The 7th largest stacking crypto asset also ranks Tezos. The chance to launch some new dApps and the most distinctive update of the Tezos in February is: Edo.

Call Record Smart Contract

Tezos is one of the surviving and rising ICO frenzy ventures in 2017, with 232 million dollars raised. As we look at its results last year, several successful Protocol updates will be added to the blockchain by DEXes, DEXes and NFT platforms in 2021.

Contract calls represent relations in the form of transactions with an intelligent contract. It is a significant indication that smart mainnet contracts will be gradually adopted. The number of contract calls currently rose to 1,209% of the total number in July 2020. Every month, except in November, a new record was seen in the number of calls, which decreased by 10%.

On 22,2 times the overall number of contract calls in June last year, January saw a 22% rise compared to December, clearly indicating its exponential growth.

In addition, there is continuous increase in developer activity: on average, 700 new trial networks were introduced daily in December and in January increased to 930. In February Tezos and maybe even more in the future will carry many new launches and achievements.

Bringing Oracles to Tezos

A backbone of today’s DeFi platforms are Oracle. They are an integral part of providing logs and applications with real-time financial price data to allow the network to generate financial products such as algorithmic stablecoins, derivative markets, loans and insurance policies.

Harbinger, Blocksale’s oracle, provides signing in real time for several exchanges and supports Coinbase Pro, Binance, Gemini and OKEx market info.

It is based on the Compound Finance Open Price Feed but differs from Chainlink because publishing price data in the chain costs money. The Tezos discrepancy is due to the fact that it can be paid into the price earned by the holder of Tezos; in other words it can be paid in advance.

Upgraded protocols, pricing, new Defi, NFT and DEX markets and reduced gas costs for cheaper transactions, bundled ETH and secure coins allow Tezos to compete with Ethereum as a more scalable option for the high network gas charges.

119 project projects are being constructed on the Tezos blockchain and could extend into DeFi if the gas prices go down.


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