While in today’s digital age, hacks and other cyber attacks can also be catastrophic, Warp Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) startup, bounced back in record time from a recent flash loan assault.

The Warp Protocol of Warp Finance enables liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens to collateralize stablecoin loans, a completely new feature that provides tremendous value to its users. It was, however, the target of a flash loan attack soon after the protocol was introduced. In the DeFi region, these attacks are a growing problem involving hackers gaming the system (or manipulating the protocol) to allow them to extract large amounts of money.

Despite this setback, Warp Finance was able to rebound rapidly and effectively; most of the lost funds were recovered and redistributed by the business, the platform was resecured, and relaunched to its original functionality, with some additional features.

How to Recover 75% of Missing Funds

The primary aim of Warp Finance has always been to help their users. Thus, to recover stolen money, they acted rapidly. For an equal value of $5.82 million, the start-up recovered ownership of 75% of the missing stablecoins, which it redistributed back to its rightful owners. In addition, Warp developed and launched its new Portal IOU token to compensate users for remaining damages, to be airdropped to users affected by the hack. For 0.001449697206 Warp Token, 1 portal IOU token will be redeemable, which means there will be a total of 7,760,241 portal IOU tokens.

7.5 percent of the overall Warp Token stock, with an equal value of 11250 Warp Tokens, would fund these tokens. Portal IOU tokens also have a built-in bonus generation feature, and they will earn additional Warp Tokens if users wait until the end of the 6-month vesting period to redeem them. Alternatively, Uniswap will be free to exchange portal IOU tokens, offering users a value-generating option that allows the tokens to maintain their redeemable value.

A Refreshed Launch With Community Trust

Warp Finance has prioritized the comprehensive resecuration of its site in addition to compensating affected users. The Warp Finance team made security improvements to its code, which the security review company n-Var then audited. The primary goals of this security audit were to find solutions to the attack on the flash loan, as well as to ensure that the updated price oracles of Warp were stable, especially with regard to how they value LP tokens.

As a consequence of this audit, in addition to making improvements to Warp’s LP token price-determining calculations, Warp Finance and n-Var agreed it was best to move from Uniswap price oracles to Chainlink price oracles. Warp’s valuation of LP tokens is right thanks to these improvements, while also allowing full security against potential attacks and hacks.

Warp allows users to carry out community tests of its protocol in order to further show its contribution to its community. These group members provide detailed input that is used to direct the structure and functions of the Warp Protocol.

Warp Finance was able to rebound in the short term in the face of this big challenge, introducing powerful security changes and compensating its users in a number of ways. As a result, Warp was able to relaunch its protocol, enabling users through LP token-collateralized stablecoin loans to gain value again.


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