Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban’s co-host at Shark Tank, announced a 3% investment in Bitcoin through a laser-eyed Instagram selfie.

Alongside Mark Cuban, co-host of Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary has now joined the crypto bandwagon, adding 3% of his portfolio to Bitcoin. Just two years ago, Mr. Wonderful called the leading cryptocurrency “garbage.”

Kevin O’Leary Long Bitcoin

In a CNBC interview a week ago, O’Leary first discussed his Bitcoin investment, saying that the uncertainty of these assets was difficult to bear. He said the investment was split between Bitcoin and Ethereum during the interview, but his Instagram post only mentions the latter.

He also attached laser eyes to his profile picture in a recent Instagram post. This trend began on Twitter with the hashtag #LaserRayUntil100k, which attracted a large number of prominent people.

O’Leary insisted on the need to reduce the environmental cost of mining Bitcoin, adding that he himself was looking to invest in companies working towards this goal. It’s not the first time he’s invested in the industry. In 2018, he invested $100.00 for a startup called Bundil.


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