IOTA, a blockchain project, continues to upgrade its network by adding a Pollen testnet that will work with two Coordicide modules.

IOTA has strengthened its trials by launching a newer version of the Pollen testnet, only a few weeks after adding Mana to its testnet network. It will be incorporated into two Coordicide modules, which will be a significant step toward full decentralization.

IOTA recently announced the release of Pollen v0.5.5, which includes many network updates, in a blog post. The majority of them are based on the Coordicide modules, which include consensus (Fast Probabilistic Consensus – FPC) and autopeering.

In the Coordicide solution, the FPC protocol is widely used as part of the consensus process. The existing versions of Mana struggled to provide adequate security against Sybil attacks, but this will be resolved with the integration of Mana.

Nodes will be able to form quorums by selecting nodes proportionally to their Mana to be queried. It was described in the post as “the first significant move toward testing our Mana system in a testnet environment as a Sybil security and reputation system.”

Mana will also be used in autopeering, ensuring that the network is protected from Eclipse attacks. To combat such risks, the process will allow for the formation of arbitrary nodes, but only to a certain extent.

Mana will also be used in autopeering, ensuring that the network is secure from Eclipse attacks. To counteract such risks, the process would allow for the formation of random nodes, but there would be a limit to the number of nodes that could be created with a given amount of Mana. This should make producing a large number of high Mana nodes prohibitively difficult for an attacker.

Integration with Congestion Management, Finality, Reorg, and dRNG are among the phases in Mana’s progress on the network, according to the release. Prior to the release of Nectar, the blockchain project would also incorporate Snapshots and Timestamp voting.

In recent weeks, IOTA has been fairly involved with new technologies, attempting to separate the current state from some previous blunders. One of them was Binance Smart Chain integration, which helps users to stake, yield, and gain from a wider variety of applications.


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