It should come as no surprise that celebrities are investing in Bitcoin. Paris Hilton is one of the investors. She revealed in a recent interview that she has BTC in her crypto portfolio.

Bitcoin, according to Hilton, is the way of the future. She is a believer in the first blockchain and has invested in it. Paris Hilton has also worked with NFT.

She was the first of the stars to adopt this technology. It’s about launching NFT in Paris in August 2020 with a cat selfie.

For 40 ETH, the NFT lot was sold. The cryptocurrency was worth $17,000 at the time. Hilton donated the money to a good cause.

In addition, it intends to release NFT in 2021. She shared her feelings on Twitter. She’ll most likely be able to collect a few million dollars for her latest venture. This is something that another Twitter user with the handle Kim Dotcom is certain of.


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