Spain is one of Europe’s most crypto-friendly nations. Its DLT adoption is rapidly increasing.

Individuals and large companies alike use cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT). As a result, this technology is in high demand, and it provides many advantages to businesses and their customers.

IDC analysts’ findings:

  • DLT is used by about 46% of large Spanish companies to improve security.
  • In some way, blockchain is used by 11% of businesses. When compared to 1.5 years earlier, this percentage increased by 1%.
  • In addition to security, blockchain is in high demand in the logistics industry. Just 17% of transportation companies use this technology.

DLT lowers threats and lowers prices. As a result, the number of businesses using crypto and distributed ledger technology (DLT) is increasing every day.

Spanish Course – Wills Academy

One corporation has an advantage over others due to new business models and digital technologies. This is a rivalry problem, and the blockchain has proven to be a helpful ally in this regard!


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