Tezos, a blockchain network, has launched the new Florence protocol. Tarides, DaiLambda, Nomadic Labs, and Marigold were the ones who started the sixth network update. More than 59 percent of community members agreed with their plan.

Florence is the Tezos team’s second blockchain update in the last three months, and it includes a range of critical bug fixes that developers and netizens had previously encountered.

The most critical network enhancements are:

  • The command increased the scale of operations from 16 to 32 kilobytes.
  • Optimization of gas lowering the amount of energy used when executing smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain, allowing even more complex arrangements to be “economic”
  • The connection between smart contracts has been rearranged. Previously, it was done in a breadth-first manner; now, it is done in a depth-first way, which means that creating connections between them has become much more intuitive for developers.
  • It is disabling Test Chain, a feature that has never been used in the Tezos economic protocol before, to adjust the revision mechanism.

The Tezos protocol has already been dubbed “the Ethereum killer” by some crypto community members due to its active growth rates. Only soon would we be able to verify whether or not any of these noisy claims are true.

Meanwhile, the Tezos team reported a large rise in user interest in their project, reporting that contract requests had surpassed 1 million in the previous month.


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