A blockchain-based digital health passport has been introduced for testing to track all Covid-19-related actions in a decentralized and private way, including test results, vaccination status, and immunity.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and ConsenSys, an Ethereum technology firm, has created the “Medoxie Covid-19” digital health passport. This smartphone app has several features, including temperature monitoring and immunization status.

Users may create accounts in a variety of languages, including English and Chinese. Furthermore, verified users may use these mobile applications to save their data and share their own Private Health Information (PHI) with third parties such as hospital and clinic medical personnel.

This COVID-19 blockchain passport, according to Dr. Arafet Ben Makhlouf, Senior Technical Architect of ConsenSys, employs trusted blockchain technology to preserve user data, making it verifiable and safe. As the lead investigator, Dr. Marten Brelen, Associate Professor of CUHK’s Department of Ophthalmology, praised the collaboration and stated that the produced blockchain digital health passport might assist in the battle against the epidemic.

ConsenSys Quorum and Codefi Orchestrate technologies, which use Ethereum blockchain technology, were used to create the digital passport. For the sake of safeguarding personal data privacy, the platform promises only to provide restricted and consented access to patients’ health information.

With the use of blockchain technology and big data, ConsenSys claimed the new passport would allow academics at CUHK to conduct large-scale data analysis for investigating the effects and duration of immunity following vaccines.


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