The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, was enraged by a ransomware assault on Friday, causing him to request an investigation into the cyberattack.

Disgusted by the situation, US President Barack Obama requested an inquiry during a public appearance. In his remarks, he said that officials were unsure of the attack’s initial source.

The initial thinking was it was not the Russian government, but we’re not sure yet,” he was quoted as saying. However, he stated that he had directed US intelligence services to investigate and that if it was found that Russia was to a fault, the US would retaliate.

This is despite his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He asked Putin to crack down on Russian hackers and warned of dire repercussions if ransomware assaults persisted.

Biden was irritated by a ransomware assault perpetrated by an IT business.

Hundreds of US companies were forced to close down on Friday due to an exceptionally sophisticated ransomware assault that targeted widely used technology management software from a Miami-based vendor named Kaseya.

According to the BBC, the ransomware assault forced the closure of over 500 Coop shops in Sweden.

Hackers did not specifically target the store, but it is a growing number of businesses that an assault has impacted a prominent software provider that the firm indirectly utilizes.

According to cyber experts, the massive ransomware assault, which mainly affected the United States, damaged around 200 firms.

Why is the United States concerned about cyber-attacks?

The world power has lately been the target of multiple ransomware assaults, which are becoming increasingly common.

Since the Biden administration entered office roughly six months ago, there have been about four high-profile cyst assaults aimed at major American corporations.

Before the Kaseya, which was targeted on Friday, cyber-terrorists attacked the Colonial Pipeline in the nation. When the colonial pipeline’s cyber operations were crippled, gas became costly in various regions of the United States.

Before officials could reclaim control of the pipeline, they had to pay a ransom to the unknown hackers.

JBS Holdings, the largest beef supplier in the United States, was also hacked by these cybercriminals, and they had to pay a ransom to regain access to their systems.

The President of the United States was enraged by the widespread attack, prompting his retaliation.


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