Rothschild Investing Corporation is one of the most successful investment companies in the world today. As seen by its GBTC holdings, the multibillion-dollar corporation appears to be a strong backer of Bitcoin.

According to a recent report filed with the SEC by Rothschild Investment Corp, the company’s number of shares has increased by over 300 percent since April 2021.

Rothschild Investment Corporation is increasing its investments in GBTC and ETHE

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, Rothschild Investment Corp now owns 141,405 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust!

The businesses not only own GBTC shares, but they also own Grayscale Ethereum Trust. During April, the investment business had about 38,346 shares.

The company has made a Bitcoin investment

The value of one GBTC is estimated to be about 0.000939767 BTC, implying that the firm possesses around 132.8 BTC! Despite low pricing, the company’s portfolio has grown, demonstrating the firm’s ongoing trust in cryptocurrency.

According to Michael Sonnenshein, long-term growth opportunities are more important to investors than short-term gains.


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