Cryptocurrencies’ recovery from a negative trend has been nothing short of remarkable. Solana surpassed its previous peak today, and Luna followed suit. In addition, Cardano, which has risen to third place in the crypto rankings, has witnessed yet another remarkable rise.

Cardano’s growth drew the attention of many cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. For example, Mike Novogratz responded to a tweet from a cryptocurrency fan who inquired why Cardano has risen to third place. In his response, he referred to the third-largest cryptocurrency as a “mystery.”

Mike Novogratz got a strong response.

Many Cardano fans showed up to share their opinions on the hedge fund manager’s comments. Mike’s remarks about Cardano have made him popular, and he has proceeded to respond to other users who have chastised him for his lack of knowledge of the cryptocurrency.

“You had two options, Mike; open a bunch of tabs and research, or simply visit a farm. You chose none(unsurprisingly).”

a Twitter user said.

Mike responded with the following tweet:

This isn’t the first time Mike Novogratz has made a big comment about cryptocurrencies in public. The fund manager was the one who called Cardano a “strange cult” in June, and his comment drew a lot of backlash from the Cardano community.

He is well-known for his outspoken comments about the rise and adoption of the third-largest cryptocurrency, as well as Bitcoin, which he refers to as “funny online money.”

Mike Novogratz‘s anti-cryptocurrency comments drew the attention of Charles Hoskinson, who requested the fund manager to wait a year and evaluate the tweet.


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