Orlando Bravo said that his business would soon invest in the blockchain industry after stating that he was positive about BTC last week.

Orlando Bravo, the co-founder of Thoma Bravo, has indicated that his business intends to invest in the blockchain sector as a whole.

The Investment Plans of Thoma Bravo

On Thursday, the billionaire businessman announced his investment ambitions at the Bloomberg Invest Global virtual conference. Thoma Bravo was asked if he plans to invest in the bitcoin industry by the journalist.

Bravo started by stating that his firm was a lead investor in FTX’s growth equity round. He went on to say that Thoma Bravo would be a key player in the bitcoin sector in the long run:

Bravo believes that blockchain delivers exceptional use cases than existing technology for tackling real-world challenges compared to database products.

Blockchain merely means that the software industry has grown “a whole lot bigger,” according to his firm. Thoma Bravo is a private equity firm that specializes in technology and software firms.

Bravo stated that his firm is not interested in making large-scale acquisitions in the area. Rather, they will employ a growth-equity strategy for the time being. In terms of blockchain, he also claims that late-stage growth equity is becoming extremely practical to invest in. “We will be big players on the buyout side as this industry matures– especially around blockchain technology.

Bravo hopes to be “one of the first software buyout businesses in the world” as the sector grows over the next 2-5 years, just as it was 22 years ago.

Bullish on Bitcoin (BTC)

Bravo is enthused about blockchain technology in general, but he has made a personal investment in Bitcoin.

Last week, Bravo praised Bitcoin, describing it as a “decentralized,” “frictionless,” and “borderless” network that young people like. He also thinks it’s a great inflation hedge.

While he did not give a precise price estimate, he did indicate last week that he was “extremely optimistic” about Bitcoin. He expects many more major institutions to invest in Bitcoin, leading to a price increase.

His instincts have been quite accurate recently. Yesterday, Bitcoin surged to around $56,000, regaining its $1 trillion market worth.


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