Globally, blockchain games are getting a lot of traction. At the moment, the most popular blockchain game is Splinterlands. The team uses a fair distribution mechanism to prevent scalpers and bots as they unveil their next card pack, Chaos legion.

Splinterlands’ Continued Success

Various blockchain game genres are available now, with some retaining users more readily than others—Splinterlands bills itself as the world’s first blockchain-based trading card game. Every day, thousands of players gather cards and battle with others across the world, demonstrating the popularity of this game genre.

The creators maintain the game as a community-built and player-funded blockchain game that supports free-to-play and play-to-earn models using NFTs. Every update improves Splinterlands, however releasing new packs might cause some community dissatisfaction.

Bots and scalpers abound in the blockchain gaming business, eager to get their hands on every new release before anybody else. It’s a troublesome behavior, but there’s always a way out. The Splinterlands team will employ a unique voucher-based distribution mechanism to ensure fair distribution and equitable access for all.

Details on the latest Chaos Legion update

The next Chaos Legion update will include 15 million packs with five random cards in each. One card will always be uncommon or better. Each pack in the Splinterlands shop is $4, which is more than the previous sets.

Furthermore, the voucher system imposes a realistic restriction via the VOUCHER token. Every day, a total of 33,333.33 tokens are generated and distributed to all participants that stake SPS tokens. A third-party market may be used to transfer, sell, and buy VOUCHER. However, every Chaos legion purchase requires one token.

According to the team, the VOUCHER mechanism will likely stay in place once the Chaos Legion pre-sale finishes. After the set is published, players will still need the token to purchase Chaos Legion packs. This will prevent the set’s cards from flooding the secondary market too soon, causing values to plummet. Furthermore, it prohibits bots from obtaining packs and scalpers from playing if they do not stake SPS. It’s a welcome update that addresses a few worries and difficulties without causing too much turbulence.

The team is considering introducing VOUCHER tokens to assist users in getting access to extra gaming advantages in the future. The rewards, if any, will be announced via the official Splinterlands social media platforms. Players can also continue to earn tokens by staking SPS tokens. Another possibility is to use liquidity pools and other sources, though no formal announcement has been made yet.

A Shift in Earnings Possibilities

DEC awards for ranking battles and loot box payouts for Bronze/Novice league have been changed. The team’s main goal is to guarantee that users travel through Splinterlands and gather in-game goods to grow their collection and become more powerful. Farming the game’s early stages and reaping large rewards automatically, on the other hand, is not optimal for players and creators in the long run.


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