Cryptocurrency mining has become a reality in which many individuals and businesses seek to supplement their income by mining Bitcoin or other tokens. ASICWay is one of the main exponents that has been in operation for just over a decade. With headquarters in the United States and another in New Zealand, the company develops and sells the best crypto-mining processors.

The company that promotes cryptocurrencies recently released its AW 1, 2 processors, and the PRO version. These machines are capable of mining BTC, ETH, XMR, and LTC tokens at a high processing rate.

ASICWay believes in the future of cryptocurrency mining

ASICWay, like other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, believes this virtual market has a future and intends to advance it. The company recently displayed its collection of AW processors, which stand out for having a reasonably competitive hash rate. Crypto-mining processors can be used at home and in the workplace, making mining more accessible to newcomers.

ASICWay also has crypto processors that can run at 10 kb per second, making them accessible to enthusiasts. The company’s goal is to build a network of home-mining crypto-miners so that everyone can benefit from Bitcoin extraction.

According to the data collected, the hash rate of the AW PRO machine is 1950 TH Bitcoin per second, 16 MH XRM per second, 13 GH Ethereum per second, and 200 GH Litecoin per second. This PRO version has a power consumption of 2,200 W, while the classic version has a power consumption of 650 W.

The cost of a cryptocurrency mining machine

ASICWay continues to surprise its users, although one of the companies sells low-cost crypto-mining machines. However, when compared to the competition, AW PRO processors consume the least amount of energy. On average, one of these crypto machines could generate a monthly bill of $300, with profits that could double or triple that amount.

The ASICWay company connects companies that build Bitcoin mining farms with users who take a machine home. Without this company dedicated to the sale of processors, the wave of Bitcoin adoption may not be seen, despite its high level.

With the uncontrolled BTC extraction, the token is currently trading at $60000, up 3.67 percent in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin is only a few minutes away from reaching its all-time high in prices, as reported in May. According to crypto enthusiasts, the token could reach $100,000 before the end of the year, thanks to crypto mining promoted by companies such as ASIC.


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