New regulations make it illegal for game developers to use blockchain technology.

According to an updated site policy, game delivery platform Steam has banned games that use blockchain technology.

Steam Forbids Blockchain Technology

The rules and guidelines of Steam indicate the types of content that should not be published on the platform. This section now prohibits blockchain-based applications from issuing or allowing the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Although this policy has been in effect for at least a week, the new rule was not widely publicized until today, when an independent developer was informed of the change.

SpacePirate stated that he was informed by the platform that all blockchain games, including his Age of Rust, which uses Enjin-based NFTs for in-game items, would be removed.

SpacePirate noted,

“Behind the scenes, we’ve had good communication and have been upfront with Steam.”

However, in terms of NFT support, his project finally lost the battle.

Why has Steam banned cryptocurrency?

Though Steam’s policy does not explain the company’s reasoning, SpacePirate reported that the platform prohibits in-game cryptocurrency transactions and NFTs because it broadly prohibits items with real-world value.

Despite this rule, Steam allows standard currency in-game purchases and microtransactions, and it has its marketplace for tradeable items. As a result, Steam’s anti-blockchain rule may be designed to prevent users from circumventing the company’s transaction system.

Steam is the largest PC game distributor, accounting for roughly 75% of the market.

Its decision to ban blockchain technology opens the door for other companies to adopt it. Epic Games and Ubisoft, among others, have recently entered the blockchain industry.


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