Bitrise, a Defi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, has recently made significant advances that have elevated it to the top of the Safemoon community’s most talked-about crypto projects. In addition, the staking process for the coin has recently been announced, and the team has confirmed that it will begin before the end of November. This is the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency market right now.

Bitrise coin’s recent developments have caused the crypto community to compare it to other Defi projects, particularly the Safemoon project. Although Bitrise is nearly five months older than Safemoon, the latter has accomplished a lot in less than four months. This is why it’s one of the most serious Safemoon competitors in DeFi.

Safemoon’s protocol has just been improved to the much-anticipated Safemoon V2, but there are uncertainties over whether the change will be better than Bitrise. However, the comparison is based on factors that can assist evaluate which crypto project is the most sustainable. Bitrise’s recent advancements have proved that the currency will continue to be the most popular investment option for various reasons. One of the enticing characteristics of this DeFi project is the team’s accomplishment in less than four months, compared to Safemoon. Safemoon will take a long time to complete what the team has accomplished so far.

Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and a dApp wallet are already part of the Bitrise ecosystem. These are already operational items. The team has revealed that they are working on a centralized exchange that will be available soon.

But it is the launch of the staking process has made Bitrise appear to be superior to Safemoon. Even significant cryptocurrency community members have been flocking to the project in droves, attracted by the lucrative staking benefits. The staking procedure will be underway by the end of November, and the most exciting aspect will be the excellent token staking incentives. The platform will distribute 80% of the money earned by the Bitrise ecosystem’s products to the staked tokens in the form of an annual percentage yield (APY).

The money earned by Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and the dApp wallet on the ecosystem will be enormous. Safemoon is being made to appear bad by the launch staking process. It has attracted members of the Safemoon community to Bitrise.

Another component of Bitrise coin tokenomics that makes it appear superior to Safemoon is its tokenomics. Unlike Safemoon, the platform automatically burns bought-back tokens. Furthermore, Bitrise, unlike Safemoon, provides a more efficient reward mechanism for keeping tokens.

Every 60 minutes, BRISE token holders receive 4 percent of the 12 percent tax on all transactions directly into their wallets as BNBs. One of the most fascinating tokenomics has been holding token rewards, which draws many crypto investors to join this coin.


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