On December 2, 2021, the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Investor Advisory Committee will meet to examine their long-standing worry about cryptocurrency and ‘Investor Protection.’

To be honest, the panel will cover all aspects of digital assets, emphasizing the regulatory structure that controls them. Without exception, the authority will take on this event as quickly as possible to examine and identify the key lines of the interaction of digital assets.

They intend to do it using a unique lens to study the market’s ups and downs. Before that, the committee will clarify the compounding risk and its associated concerns in the crypto market’s new technology.

Aside from cryptocurrency, the panel will examine blockchain technology, stablecoins, and crypto-based ETFs. All of these issues will be addressed in a public forum comprehensively at the event.

Furthermore, the meeting agenda is a sound step that aims to maintain market integrity. In essence, it attempts to encourage a positive view in terms of investor protection, especially in light of emerging technologies.

People believe that now is an opportune time for the SEC to reconsider and reform its severe crypto regulatory stance.


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