Huobi reports 70% crypto investors joined the market in 2021 out of the 3000 polled individuals as we can read further in today’s Huobi news.

Huobi reports that nearly 7 in 10 crypto holders entered the market in 2021 and despite the rising interest in the asset class, approximately 25% of the participants believe that it is all scam or a bubble that is going to collapse survey estimated. Huboi’s poll consisted of more than 3000 people and the company conducted it in mid-December 2021 while the results were released a few days ago.

Every third participant admitted there are a few crypto holders and a deeper analysis revealed that the majority started investing last year. In comparison, only 9% said they jumped on the crypto bandwagon more than four years ago. About 46% of the investors revealed they allocated $1000 or less in the asset class and at the same time, 25% admitted investing between $1000 and $10,000.

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The awareness about the emerging trends is on the high level and more than 50% of the participants said they had heard of nonfungible tokens and the Metaverse while 25% are aware of Decentralized Finance. While most crypto owners from the survey the statement that the digital assets could transform the definition of money, a lot of skeptics of the asset outlined quite the gloomy future. 42% view crypto as too risky and 34% are concerned about the lack of comprehensive regulations in teh space.

Every fourth participant said that BTC and other altcoins are a scam or a bubble that is going to fall apart. In conclusion, Jeff Mei, the Director of Global Strategy at Huobi Group noted that crypto still has a long way to go before becoming mainstream and If there’s even more clarity on global regulations, we can soon see a spike in participation. A month ago, grayscale Invesemtns reported similar research and according to it, 26% of American investors own BTC already and 55% of them entered the crypto market in the past 12 months.

Almost 60% of the participants admitted they are interested in digital asset investment which hinted that the holders’ percentage could continue to increase. The CEO of Grayscale Investments Michael Sonnenshein noted:

“The 2021 Bitcoin Investor Study results confirm that more investors see long-term value in adding Bitcoin and digital currencies to their investment portfolios.”



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