Mastercard Inc, an American global financial services organization, is increasing its consulting services and making pledges to promote many breakthroughs in the cryptocurrency sector.

The Purchase, a New York-based organization, said that the extended consultancy service would include Open Banking, Open Data, and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Mastercard is a technology-driven company, well known as one of the credit card payment behemoths, with a keen interest in digital currencies as the next great force in payments. Cryptocurrencies have proven to be popular since they are often speedier and, in some cases, less expensive than traditional payment methods.

While Mastercard has accepted and embraced these improvements, the corporation has stated that it is now ready to assist businesses of all sizes considering a move or integration into digital currencies in general. It stated it would emphasize these consultation services and their broader reach to individuals in need among the several ways. In addition, Mastercard stated that it would hire up to 500 college graduates and young professionals, train them, and supplement its existing pool of data analysts.

Mastercard’s previous involvement in the digital currency ecosystem included assisting banks and central banks in adopting digital assets. Notably, several Central Banks throughout the globe use a Mastercard solution in the design and deployment of CBDCs, assisting these apex banks in exploring all conceivable situations before actual implementation.


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